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PRO12-48R ProPower’s Golf Cart Battery Meter Indicator for 12, 24 and 48 VDC

PRO12-48R ProPower's Auto-Ranging Battery Meter

  • Auto Ranging Battery Indicator - Connect to any fully charged lead acid battery system and the meter will select the proper range, for 12, 24 or 48 Volt DC systems.


  • Works on all lead acid batteries as the meter can be set for one of two discharge curves found from different battery manufacturers.


    • Curve 1 - Standard Lead Acid batteries have a discharge curve of 10.4 volts empty to 12.34 volts full (multiply by 2 or 4 to get the range for 24 or 48 volt systems).
    • Cruve 2 - For newer designed "hot" acid batteries with a discharge curve of  11.5 volts empty to 12.7 volts full as found on Exide and Trojan deep cycle batteries  (multiply by 2 or 4 to get the range for 24 or 48 volt systems).
  • Internal Relay - can be wired for Normally Open or Normally closed operation - limited to 200 ma.
    • Relay opens or closes (depending on how you wire it) when the display shows fully discharged - flashing red #1 and yellow #2 LEDs
  • Can be used on forklifts, golf carts, solar sytems and any other battery powered equipment
  • Battery Status
    • The battery meter has 10 LEDS that will light to show the battery condition. When fully charged, only the 10th LED will light shown a green LED.
    • As the battery discharges, successively lower LEDs will light; the 9th, 8th, 7th and so on lighting only 1 LED.
    • At approximately 30% battery life, the #3 LED will light and the color is Yellow as a caution indicator.
    • At approximately 20% battery life remaining, the #2 LED will light as a Flashing Yellow.
    • When the battery discharges to approximately ~10% remaining life, the #1 LED will start FLASHING RED with the #2 LED FLASHING Yellow alternately.

It is recommended to have the battery or batteries recharged when the #3 LED lights Yellow as a safety margin to prevent dead batteries.

CAUTION: This is not a full proof device and no warranty is made that your battery/batteries is/are in good condition.


10 LEDs, #10 being fully charged and #1 being fully discharged

Voltage Indicator Range for Golf Carts, Fork Lift Trucks and other battery powered equipment.

12 Volt Range - Cruve #1 12.34 volts Full; 10.38 volts Empty 


12 Volt Range- Cruve #2 12.72 volts Full; 11.56 volts Empty 


24 Volt Range - Cruve #1 24.65 volts Full; 20.76 volts Empty


24 Volt Range - Cruve #2 25.44 volts Full; 23.11 volts Empty


48 Volt Range - Cruve #1 49.31volts Full; 41.52 volts Empty


48 Volt Range - Cruve #2 50.88 volts Full; 46.23 volts Empty



2 Ounces

Voltage Supply

12, 24 or 48 Volts DC

Temperature Range

-40 to 185 Fahrenheit; -40C to 85C

Power Consumption

20 ma max (0.020 Amps)


  • Face: 2 1/16" wide x 1 1/4" high
  • Depth Behind front meter flange to end of mating female connector - 1  5/16 inches
  • Hole size - 1 3/8 wide" x 15/16" high

Price: $27.99

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