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PROxxRC Round battery indicator (horizontal display)

*Only One LED lights at a time

* Prevent Dead Battery

*Warning level set at 10% remaining charge

*Internal relay logic output for operating accessory equipment

*Water Proof

*Fits 2" cutout. Outside diameter 2.25".

Battery Discharge Indicator

The battery meter has 10 LEDS that will light to show the battery condition. When fully charged, only the 10th LED will light shown a green LED. As the battery discharges, successively lower LEDs will light; the 9th, 8th, 7th and so on lighting only 1 LED.

At approximately 30% battery life, the #3 LED will light and the color is Yellow as a caution indicator.

At approximately 20% battery life remaining, the #2 LED will light as a Flashing Yellow. When the battery discharges to approximately ~10% remaining life, the #1 LED will start FLASHING RED with the #2 LED FLASHING Yellow alternately.

It is recommended to have the battery or batteries recharged when the #3 LED lights Yellow as a safety margin to prevent dead batteries.

CAUTION:  This is not a full proof device and no warranty is made that your battery/batteries is/are in good condition.

Meter Voltage Ranges:

12 Volt - 10.38 to 12.34 volts, High Voltage Reset 13.67 Volts

24 Volt - 20.76 to 24.65 volts, High Voltage Reset 27.2

72 Volts - 62.28 to 73.96 volts, High Voltage Reset 81.6 Volts

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